Here is a quick and easy way to use Powershell to create new virtual machines in System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM).  The example here will use a VMM template configured with hardware and operating system profiles.  I also used IP pools to auto IP the newly created vms for minimal administration work.  If you are looking for more info on IP pools or templates make a note in the comments and I can create another post explaining that process.

This script can easily be modified to create a large group of new virtual machines from a VMM Template.

$VMTemplate = Get-SCVMTemplate -VMMServer "" | where {$_.Name -eq "YOUR-TEMPLATE-NAME"}
$VMHost = Get-SCVMHost -ComputerName "HOST1"

New-SCVirtualMachine -VMTemplate $VMTemplate -Name $VMName -VMHost $VMHost -Path "C:\ClusterSharedVolume\Volume1" -RunAsynchronously

Edit the three variables for your environment.

Set $VMName to the new vm you wish to create.  (or create a list or loop to read in for multiple vm creation.)

Set $VMTemplate to the name of your Template created in virtual machine manager.

Set $VMHost to the name of your Hyper-V host server.

You can find many more parameters for the SCVMM command here.

NOTE: Run the commands from your SCVMM server.