Display Name and Telephone Number do not update in Microsoft Teams

I have encountered issues when a user's info (such as display name, telephone number, manager) change [...]

Cannot Stop or Start Azure VM

Your Azure Virtual Machine hung while rebooting or stopping/deallocating.  You cannot start or stop the Azure [...]

Disable Microsoft Teams Call Quality Survey

Teams by default delivers a survey to users after a call or meeting to rate quality.  Users [...]

Connect PowerShell to Azure, Office 365, and Teams

Here is a quick reference on how to connect to Azure, Azure AD, Office 365, and Teams [...]

Install NuGet Packages PowerShell

NuGet is the package manager for .NET development.  You will be required to install the package provider [...]

Aquila: Cloud Based SCOM (System Center Operations Manager)

ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft is currently working on "Aquila", a cloud based version of Microsoft's [...]


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