Came across a nice deal today on a VPN Lifetime Subscription for VPNSecure.

If you are someone who uses your computer in public it is always highly recommended to use a secure VPN service.

I have seen at several client sites an issue in which the SCCM Client significantly slows down the machine.  Looking deeper into the problem it seems to be with the Windows Update scans.

You will notice performance loss and device slowdown as it has issues with its update scans.  In this case it was the System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2 Client and the 1511 Client.

Found the client to be having issues in the WUAHandler.log ‘Failed to end search job. Error = 0x8024001e’



Created SCCM Package to push updates:



WindowsUpdateAgent-7.6 (or newer this was the one at the time)





With Microsoft deprecating SHA-1 I recently had to replace our RDS (Remote Desktop Services) environments certificates.  This process was much easier than I expected, here are the steps I took.


1. Obtain your new certificate from a third-party vendor such as Go-Daddy.  I used a wild card certificate in my environment.  Info to create the cert request can be found here.

2. Import the new certificate and private key to the RDS Gateway, Connection Brokers and Licensing Servers Private Store.

          Note: once i recieved the certificate back from Go-Daddy I had to import the crt file to the server I used to make the request and then export it to export with Private Key (.pfx file).

3. Connect to the Connection Broker and launch Server Manager.


Working with an RDS environment we are using Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) to run Navision 2009 SP1.  This should work with other App-V applications deployed with SCCM as well.

I came accross an error code: 0x7D800D2A-000003F1


Recently I was removing some old Azure Storage accounts and came accross an instance in which i could not delete one.  These are the messages/errors I recieved.


Failed to delete storage account. Error: Unable to delete storage account. Storage account contains VM Images. Ensure these VM Images are removed.
Failed to delete storage container. Error: There is currently a lease on the container and no lease ID was specified in the request.
Failed to delete blob. Error: There is currently a lease on the blob and no lease ID was specified in the request.