Troubleshoot PXE Boot:

  1. Check that Windows Deployment Services Service is running on the server you are trying to PXE Boot from.
  2. A task sequence must be targeting the device (Unknown Computers group or if the device exists in SCCM database)
  3. PXE Log Log on the SCCM Server to troubleshoot a PXE Boot. 

D:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs\smspxe.log



Windows PE boots and then immediately Reboots before you can select a Task Sequence:

Network driver is needed in the boot image.

I have seen one instance in which the SCCM server needed Windows Updates to support a newer bios type.


Deployment Fails immediately after click next on task sequence:

Check all packages, image file and drivers are on the distribution point the client is contacting.


Hash Error right after selecting a Task Sequence:

Usually need to redistribute content to the distribution point… something is corrupt.


Failed Deployment but the imaging process did begin:

SMSTS.log and others:


Fails at application installs:

Select the option to continue on error in the task sequence step for the application.

Create a bat file to test manually running your command and make sure absolutely no prompts come up and it is a silent install.

Check that the install is not per USER… this would install as the system account in sccm.