A lot of business talk lately has been that Citrix is working with Goldman Sachs to seek a buyer.  Citrix is currently valued at around 13.3 Billion with the stock having rose 30% over the past 12 months. 


Things do look to be falling into place with former Microsoft executive Kirill Tararinov now the CEO of Citrix.  Other notable things are that Microsoft has been working with Citrix to replace Microsoft's Azure RemoteApp offering.  Microsoft Support has now also been using Logmein for some time.


More info to come and many questions... what will this mean for Remote Desktop Services built into Windows Server?  Will the current seperate Citrix platform remain and possibly just add an Azure offering?


Everything is changing and the future appears to be Remote Desktop in the Cloud Datacenter.  Microsoft envisioned this with Azure RemoteApp which did not really take off, however, as more of the datacenter moves to the Cloud it certainly seems like the future will be to use Citrix/RDS based deployment in the Cloud along side it.  Just need to work on that pricing :)